New Patients

We are excited that you are interested in becoming a new patient at Your Healthcare Place. We accept most major insurance, but please call for verification. We have included our new patient paperwork online, so you can fill these forms out from the comfort of your own home. Please call our office for any further questions you may have before your visit. We look forward to taking care of you and your family.

   Same Day Appointments 

We offer same-day appointments to patients with urgent healthcare needs. Please call and we will make every effort to accommodate you.

Patient Information 

We Accept Walk-Ins

Patients are always encouraged to make appointments, however we understand urgent health problems do occur. In order to accommodate your urgent needs, we accept walk-in appointments. Please be mindful that walk-ins may experience longer waits since patients with appointments will be seen first. We do not accept walk-ins for routine follow-up appointments.

What to Bring To Your Appointment

Insurance card, drivers license or ID Any online forms you filled out prior to your appointment List of all current medications or the current prescription bottles List of allergies Your preferred pharmacy information

Appointment Scheduling

We offer a wide variety of healthcare services and it is crucial that you schedule the most specific visit type when you call for an appointment. Please be advised that if your questions and concerns overwhelm the time allotted for your appointment, you will need to schedule a follow-up appointment so that all of your needs will be addressed in a timely fashion. New appointment—establishing care, weight loss consultation, new problem. Acute appointments—address new problems or worsening of an established problem. Follow-up appointments—routine follow-up on chronic health conditions or the response to a new medication, weight management, and to refill medications. Lab/diagnostic review—used for detailed review of lab and diagnostic review. Physical exams—used for adult annual wellness visits, well-child visits, and school/band/sports physicals. Procedure appointments—minor in office surgical procedure, joint injections

Payment Is Due At The Time Of Service

Co-pays should be made at check-in and co-insurance (patient's portion of the total bill) should be paid at check-out. All past balances are due at the time you book your next appointment. If you are having financial difficulty please ask to speak with the office manager to set up payment arrangements for past due balances.

Calls To The Nurse Practitioner Or Medical Assistant

Calls for the nurse practitioner or MA will be returned within 24 hours. More urgent medical needs should be addressed by scheduling a same day acute appointment or by visiting a local urgent care or emergency room. Patients may also send questions to our clinical staff through the patient portal. Portal questions will also be answered within 24 hours. During clinic hours, our providers make it their goal to be focused on providing the best possible healthcare to the patients with scheduled appointments. Our providers rely on our support staff to return phone calls and answer questions from patients. If your concerns are not adequately addressed after talking with our support staff, please make an appointment with a provider at your earliest convenience.

Patient Portal Access

The Patient Portal is a secure website that allows you to communicate with your doctor's office and to view parts of your personal health record. This portal will help you better manage your care and enhance your partnership with your health care team.You can track your health, request prescription renewals, request appointments,view lab results, ask questions, and much more. It's free and easy to use! Get Connected Today! You will need an active e-mail address to set up your patient portal access. Once we have this information we will provide you with your temporary password to login. A link to the patient portal login has been provided on this site under the patient portal tab. If you experience any difficulty please contact our front desk staff for assistance.

Appointment Wait Times

We know that your time is valuable. In our efforts to minimize wait times, we schedule patients reasonably and run a well-organized and efficient practice. Despite our best intentions, it is inevitable that emergencies can arise in a medical practice and this can always offset our patient schedule. If this situation arises on the day of your appointment, please know that we do respect your time and are doing everything we can to get you seen in a timely manner. Please be on time for your appointment. We know that situations arise, but if you are more than 15 minutes late we may have to ask you to reschedule.

Missed Appointments

We understand that situations arise that require you to change your appointment. Should you need to reschedule, please call our office as soon as possible. There is also a fee for missed appointments (no-shows) starting at $30. Be considerate of others by notifying us as soon as you realize that you must reschedule. Several patients may have been turned down for your reserved appointment time.

New Patients

We respect your time and we are committed to seeing you at the time you have scheduled with us. For new patients, we ask that you arrive 10 -15 min before your allotted time in order to fill out any necessary paperwork and for us to verify your insurance information. If you have an HMO insurance policy, be sure to change your Primary Care Provider (PCP) to the name of one of our providers. If it is not changed prior to the appointment, you may be asked to reschedule or will be responsible for all services provided during your appointment. It is important that you know your co-payment amount and come prepared to pay this amount. It is due on the day of the appointment. Remember to bring your: Insurance card, drivers license or ID Any online forms you filled out prior to your appointment List of all current medications or the current prescription bottles Copies of any medical records you may have List of allergies and reaction Your preferred pharmacy information